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in the hoosegow

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

summer dread

I'm sitting here trying hard not to write something negative and self-involved, but that's the headspace I'm in right now. I'm House, so locked in his own way of thinking and doing things that he drives away his entire staff. There was a question up on wake up tiger asking how things would be different if people could see inside us. I think we might have more compassion for one another when we could see how messed up our bodies are and how stress makes things Not Work Correctly. I spent a little extra time walking around the park this morning but really I wanted to stay home from work and lie on the couch. Instead, I'm here punching out emails to people and trying to decide how much I want to piss off my faculty (not much, it turns out) and thinking that I should go look for some books that other teachers would like me to bring over for the summer program I'm teaching with.


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