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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

thoughts and stuff

I guess the idea is that on Memorial Day, you go to the cemetery and commune with your dead, right? I spent a lot of time during college communing with all sorts of dead--our college was across the street from a large, old cemetery. Mostly I spent time hanging with my great grandma (after she died, of course, because for part of college she was alive and kicking). It was a restful place. I haven't found a good cemetery here in H-town. I'm sure there are some, but I haven't been looking for them very hard. Perhaps living alone and having a yard and a porch has replaced some of my need for a quiet place to be solitary. There wasn't much of that going on in college...
(random note: isn't it weird that sometimes the Shins sound like Billy Bragg?)

This Memorial Day found me bailing out on plans with friends to ride out the stormy weather with the latest Dick Francis novel and a movie. I do a lot of my best planning, dreaming and reflection while immersed in a book, almost as if when one part of my mind is engaged, other parts are free to roam. It's similar to the effect running and walking has on my brain. I've needed a lot of extra time to think lately. My life is changing significantly and some stressors have gotten me down, while others are getting me excited. There's so much good and bad swirling around all of the time that it's a wonder I don't get dizzy and fall down more often.

Whatever you did yesterday, I hope you saved a little time for reflection.


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