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Sunday, June 24, 2007

week 2

My summer program experience is 2/3 finished. The week ends with a half day of presentations, performances and fun, with rehearsals the day before, so really there's less than a full week of classes ahead. I'm working on my scholars' evaluations. I have 14...15? to do. A few were easy, some weren't too tough and a few I haven't started on because, well, I'm struggling to find something positive to say about those kids.

Overall the experience has made me very happy but reluctant to return to "work". I've liked being an academic librarian for the past 5 years but I'm uncertain that I could do it for another 5.

Partway through last week, one of the teachers had to leave. I hope to arrive at work tomorrow to discover she's back, but realistically she'll be out for the remainder of the program. I took over one of her courses, one on archaeology and anthropology. The kids seemed to accept me with no concerns but it's tough to step in when you're not 100% what is going on and how much of the curriculum you can accomplish in the remaining time. Still, it's my goal to make sure the last few days are filled with fun and excitement as the two groups of students bury their "artifacts", dig each other's up, and posit what the artifacts represent in the overall culture. In one of my other classes we're dissecting a pig uterus and fetal pigs. I'm not sure which I'm more excited about!


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