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in the hoosegow

Thursday, May 31, 2007

so why am i blogging?

Note: updated
This is one of those days when I have several pressing tasks to accomplish. I must:

1. finish off my serials review and submit it. Nearly done, but not needs the finishing touches.
Done and submitted and celebrated with chocolate in Jane's office.

2. buy stamps. Since the price went up, I have my checkbook to buy more at the campus postal outpost. They do not take cards. How 19th century.
Done, but not without discussion of womanly ills with the postmistress.

3. buy flood insurance.
Done! Took a lot less time than figuring out if my house is in the new floodplain.

4. talk to another librarian about how she wants us to purchase books for her library. I've got a lot of $$ to spend in a short timeframe.
Oops, still haven't called my li-berrian friend.

5. reschedule dentist? I am waiting to hear how they want to proceed, given the new information that my tooth is killing me.
Done. They are squeezing me in a little early so my dentist can take off for parts unknown.

And Bonus 6. Made a cute handout for the aforementioned Jane to take to a parent & family orientation tomorrow.


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