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in the hoosegow

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the thing and the stuff

When my colleague first saw me back in the office this morning, she said, "So how was the gay Quaker wedding?"

It was quiet and much more of a dignified affair than many a wedding I've attended, let me tell you. No one sitting near me fell asleep and we all got to sign the marriage document. The after-wedding party was at one of my favorite restaurants and I got a chance to catch up with old friends whom I hadn't seen in a few years.

The next day we drove 1 1/2 hours to see my dad & stepmom. That was a lot of fun and also so typical. We spent about half an hour walking around the yard! After lunch we drove on to the b&b in my sister's town (the one with the kids, if you're paying attention) and then to my sister's house to have dinner with the fam. We spent about 4 1/2 hours on the road in total. I was whipped.

Weird things that happened:
1. I had wrapped up a gift for my mom in a few pairs of undies. The gift (a marble dolphin) made a dark, ugly stain. I washed out the undies (stain intact, boo!) and then accidentally left them hanging from the window cranks in my sister's bedroom. Oops!

2. The B&B room we'd booked smelled like cat pee. There was no one around to greet us, or to give us breakfast the next morning, for that matter, so we moved into another room. Emily's Room. Hanging on the walls were creepy, wispy christening dresses that moved in the slightest breeze. Apparently the place is haunted, the owner told us on our second morning (yay, breakfast!) although she appeared not to believe in the sightings of Emily.

3. My family love the PIG. Okay, that's not really a "weird thing" and in fact it was nice. He & my bro-in-law talked shop while I played outside with my nephew. Here's another hilarious thing--we were busy playing with sticks and the neph came up with the idea that we should start an International Stick Channel. Clearly an untapped market! Target audience: six year old boys with active imaginations.


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