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in the hoosegow

Monday, April 04, 2005

crack of the bat

Ah, the yells of the fans, the smell of popcorn and peanuts and beer, the sun glinting off the gigantic Citgo sign in left field...yes, I saw my first Astro's game yesterday. I can't say "of the season" because the season doesn't begin officially until Tuesday, but we got tix to a pre-season exhibition game.

My boyfriend was playing third base, as usual. My old Mariner's boyfriend didn't get picked up by the Astros as I'd hoped, but the replacement center fielder, Tavaras (sp?) is shaping up to be a decent substitute. The Astros weren't in top form, but I wouldn't expect them to be playing all out before the official season. There were no risky plays. They also didn't do all of the normal in between innings things, but we were very close to the team who throws a ball to kids in the audience and then one of them tries to catch it when the kids throws it back--in a glove on her head. Visions of broken noses were dancing in my head...

All in all a good time and I look forward to more baseball to come.


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