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in the hoosegow

Friday, April 15, 2005

geek fest 2005

Yesterday I went to Austin for a user's meeting. The product we all use is specifically for geeky researchers and their associated librarians. I always have a lot of fun at these things. I think I'm about out of patience for these conference-y events though. I'm finding myself very impatient and short with people and wanting to hole up in a small dark space for long periods of time.

It's also close to the end of the semester and in many ways I cannot wait for it to be over. I'm feeling like someone close to me ran me over with a truck then wrote about it and everyone laughed.

In happier news, my friend Jane gave me a bunch of bug fridge magnets. My fave is the honeybee but I can't wait to put the big buzzy fly up on my refrigerator at home.