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in the hoosegow

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

time for tri-focals, gramps

Okay, now I know we're all getting older and it's not nice to be mean to or make fun of old people. However, they sometimes do such ridiculous things, just like teenagers, that you can't help it. For example, this morning I was getting gas. There are two lines of pumps so that there are four lines of cars. In the very middle, there's a narrow space between two rows that you could, theoretically, drive down. When there are cars on both sides there's not much room left and you'd better have a narrow car to fit down there.

Enter an older gentleman in a Ford Tempo. This is not a narrow car. This is a normal, mid-sized sedan trying to squeeze in between my normal, mid-sized sedan and a minivan. The guy sussed up the situation and decided to proceed, despite my head-shaking and arm-waving. He began to scrape the minivan, slowed down even more and continued to scrape against it until he'd passed and pulled into the spot ahead. Meanwhile, the woman driving the van comes out and is putting stuff in her van on the opposite side of the scrape. I go over to her and tell her what's happened. I then drive away before I get sucked into waiting around for the cops because I still have to get to the store and eat breakfast before work and I only have an hour. I know this was not the good citizen thing to do but it was pretty clear what had happened and no one was hurt and they weren't on the roadway.

When I pulled away the old guy was going about his business like he hadn't just caused $1000 worth of damage to his car and an innocent bystander's car.


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