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in the hoosegow

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

bzzzt wishes

One of my colleagues made me this cake. Can you see that it's covered in marzipan bees? It may be the food coma talking, but I think it's a lovely tradition to send someone off with a large social meal. I have always loved a potluck and I'm sure there will be many in my future. Right this second I should be cleaning out my office, but I am in the midst of the aforementioned coma (and still snacking on the black bean and sweet potato burrito that I put in my office when no one was looking) and I've been taking things off my wall in a very orderly fashion but I'm now up to a poster that is very close to the ceiling and I can't reach the push pins.

I'm even starting to feel a little sad that I'm leaving, but if I had to quit my job in order to get a cake with marzipan bees, it was totally worth it.


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