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in the hoosegow

Thursday, August 09, 2007

post hump day update

We started the process of course planning today. We got our groupings of kids and which hour we'll have them and now we're splitting them according to what they need while they're "back here"* with us.

It's cool to start thinking about a grouping of personalities and tasks that they can attack and accomplish in some cases, and how we're going to set off a group of kids that will have trouble together at first in other cases. By "set off" I mean provoking an emotional response in a controlled setting. Luckily in the places where that's likely to happen I am paired with a teacher who is much less conflict-averse than I.

In other news, I am struggling through marathon training at this point. H-town is finally in the Hot season. Because of the continual rain earlier this summer, we stayed cooler than normal, but now we're at normal temps. Normal, wilting temps. I need to be running in the evening for some very good reasons but it's so much cooler in the mornings that I have resisted changing. Also, evenings are when my trainer comes over and makes me do awful things like reverse lunges.

That is pretty much all I have to report.

*It's funny how often people refer to the area I work in, the Life Academy, as "back there" or "back here", depending on whether they're Life Academy folk or not.


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