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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

warning: spoilers

Seriously, folks, spoilers about to abound up in here.

So, I just finished the last Harry Potter, or HP as we like to refer to it around the old homestead. Boy, was I disappointed. Talk about a Hollywood ending. Where were the poignant deaths? The end of the wizarding world as we know it? Oh well, I guess it is just a kids' book after all.

Harry & Ginny, no surprise. Ditto Ron & Hermione. Draco's wife was never revealed. Should've been that annoying Slytherin girl...what was her name? Parker Posie or something? Why didn't Harry die at the end? Seriously--there was a whole lotta splainin' done and it didn't make much sense. While I had been one of the Dumbledore's Not Dead proclaimers, I also knew that there was no way Snape turned bad, so I was half right.

So my overall feeling was that the book itself was good--very exciting and whatnot--but that the end of the series was a letdown. Too mundane.


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