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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

spider pig, spider pig

So my new job begins tomorrow with a 1 1/2 day retreat. (Note to self: remember to pack pajamas!) Not sure if I should take it as a sign that my assigned food to bring is bacon. Bacon is, of course, food of the gods, but being a vegematarian I'm not so excited about having to purchase it from the store. Ah well...

Freaked the PIG out last night by refusing ice cream. I figured as I had just polished off 3 pieces of pizza, I should do the right thing. I finally had my leftover Ethiopian food for lunch. We got it on Friday night, so I'm crossing my fingers that it all goes through okay. If not, I have plenty of intestinal medication leftover from my last bout of food poisoning and our trip to Trinidad. There is something very decadent about being in my BF's apartment in the middle of the day. The dogs are snoozing, the stereo is doing its best to fray my nerves with its incessant classical "music" and I'm drinking an RC cola. Unfortunately I now have to go buy the meat.


At 7:18 AM, Blogger Jenica said...

...I just wrote a post with the title Spiderpig, spiderpig...

the simpsons are attacking our cultural lexicon again!

At 11:51 AM, Blogger ranger said...

We have been incorporated into the fox-timewarner-cococola brain!


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