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in the hoosegow

Friday, May 08, 2009

unmerciful heavens

Two things I found out today, neither good. The electricians put in a new breaker panel for us and neglected to purchase a permit. The city will not reconnect the electricity until they have **thoroughly** inspected the job. Our electricity has been off since last weekend, so I'm sure it's good and sweaty in there by now. Luckily they are able to do much of the other work sans power. Thing two was that my POW has not renewed the contract of my colleague, hired this year, or recruited I should say. They've done this well past the contract signing period and after the diocese's job fair. Reasons given boiled down to the monsignor being tired of getting phone calls from parents. Um, sir, if you don't want to field phone calls from parents, perhaps you should take up a parish not attached to a school. Alternately, you might want to work on breaking your parents of the habit of complaining until you buckle. Not buckling would also help.

I'm angry, disappointed, and have decided not to sub there in the fall, no matter what. I can't be connected with a place that is a religious organization, yet treats its employees with no respect, love, or courtesy.


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