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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NOT sucked into a black hole

This past weekend I was supposed to meet up with someone at a tea place I hadn't been to before. I did what most people with a computer would do--I typed the name of the place and my city into google and came up with an address. I proceeded to the place, ordered, read my book and waited for about half an hour. By that time I'd scraped every little bit of ice cream from my bowl and decided to take off. Come Monday, I get to work and check my email, only to discover the girl I was supposed to meet thought I'd stood her up. We checked our times--yup, both there at the same time. Then we checked our locations. Turns out there are two places with the same name within half a mile of each other. She waited at one while I waited at the other.


I was a little relieved because honestly I've been having some memory problems lately (see earlier post about a play) and I think I'm a bit young to be losing my mind completely. But then again, a group was supposed to come yesterday and I swear the woman said they'd be there at 1pm because they had another tour to take at 1:30. She swears she said they'd be here at 1:30 because they had another tour at 2.



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