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in the hoosegow

Friday, November 30, 2007

another quiz result...

...stolen from belladela.

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Book Snob

You like to think you're one of the literati, but actually you're just a snob who can read. You read mostly for the social credit you can get out of it.

Literate Good Citizen
Dedicated Reader
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Create Your Own Quiz

Kinda true, although I have read a lot of the classics...just not a fanatic about it any longer.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


You Are Boston

Both modern and old school, you never forget your roots.
Well educated and a little snobby, you demand the best.
And quite frankly, you think you are the best.

Famous people from the Boston area: Conan O'Brien, Ben Affleck, New Kids on the Block

Now isn't that interesting? I'm not really a city girl, I can't stand the northeast, and they say I'm Boston? Ha!

Felled by some sort of food poisoning, post Thanksgiving. I hope it wasn't something I cooked...no one else seems to be sick so the PIG thinks it was one of the relishes he bought at Central Market that no one else sampled. Anyway, my tummy is still aching. I barely have enough energy to sit upright, but my back is killing me from all of the lying around I did yesterday. I know I'll pretty much be normal by tomorrow and ready to go when school starts again on Monday. I'm almost missing my kids!

Actually, I was amazed at how flexible and adaptive they are. During our feast last week they let me know when they needed something to do (pens & pencils did the trick) or when they needed to Get The Hell Out (a game of uno ensued in a quieter room). Really, crunching 60-70 folks into one room is something to be avoided, especially when your kids suffer from various neurological issues. Hell, I managed to pick fights with two of my colleagues (one accidental, one purposeful), so I can attest to the stress of the situation. My kids mainly did better at controlling themselves than I did. No surprise to you, Faithful Reader, right?

Anyhoo, Boston?!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Spent the evening yesterday en route. En route to the Woodlands to pick up my niece, en route to Pizza, en route home, en route to the PIG's place. Luckily I don't mind being in the car, especially when I'm the passenger.

Next week is a shorty. We have one full day of classes, half day on Tuesday, followed by the Thanksgiving Feast, dismissal at 3:15. I'm off from then until Monday following!

I'm excited to make my first T-day dinner. We've only invited two friends so far but if you're homeless for the holidays, let me know (we're making ham, not turkey, so be aware). The PIG dislikes pie and hates pumpkin pie, so he proposed we make ice cream. I think he really just wants to purchase a new gadget, but who am I to say no to homemade ice cream?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Kitty Pants wished to go outside this morning, so I opened up the back door to find a big surprise. We both leaped back as the wasp nest, formerly nestled along the top of the door, fell to the ground (aka my kitchen floor) and all of the wasps began milling about. I sent KP out the front door and returned to shove the nest out the back door with a broom. I left the door open a bit so some of the waspies could find their way outside and turned off the lights so they wouldn't be attracted to stay inside. Unfortunately there are still a few in the house, getting annoyed and buzzing about.

I'd been wanting to knock down their nest, but felt horrible about it because it was big and bustling, so I'd put it off and off and off, and finally today the wind did it for me. The Ladies, as I call the inhabitants, wouldn't live the winter anyway, but now their offspring/nieces are also doomed. Odd that this happened the same time that the huge bee hive in the UH Engineering building was relocated...

Monday, November 05, 2007

i can count in spanish

We spent Saturday at a health fair sponsored by the Hispanic Health Coalition. I felt guilty because we spent the first half of it walking around, just making sure the booths were giving out their stickers, and generally having a good time. The last bit we spent furiously putting together lanyards, giving out and taking signed waivers, so my guilt quickly melted away. It was great to see such a huge turnout--we ran out of lanyards and had to start giving people wrist bands. Afterward we went to see my H-town mama, easily the coolest person I know here, and Popo. Everyone seems to be doing well. It's nice to spend the day with friends who are really family.

The evening brought a party (I give the catering a solid "ehh") with a great band. Unfortunately the room was a bit small for the volume and we were blasted out the door before too long.

Yesterday I did laundry, ran errands, watched tv, washed dishes and had a blah Sunday. The fam dropped by to see Miss Kittypants (who got tired of being picked up and scratched the offender) and because of the time change I fell asleep on the couch early early.

Friday, November 02, 2007

let's take a breath

One hour until we leave for Garage Sale II. Last week we held one that lasted 5 hours and I had three sets of kids involved on a rotating schedule. This time we're heading out with 4 kids for the whole 3 hour sale. Let's hope that simpler is just as good or better.

Work continues to be interesting, challenging, often fun and sometimes causes me to pull out my hair or furrow my brow in fury (the adults cause these reactions).

In other work news: my kids are starting to work on soap making. Look forward to lots of homemade soap gifts for the holidays!