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in the hoosegow

Monday, May 26, 2008

it's time

I guess it really is time to make that general announcement: yup, I'm getting hitched. The PIG and I will be traveling to India with a faithful friend to meet his extended family and throw some rice on the fire. I'm happy to report that while we're there I will get to see the Taj Mahal and about a billion Indian folk.

Soon after that we'll travel to Michigan to have the second family ceremony and finally home to Houston where all of our friends from far and wide are invited to a shindig (no ceremony, just party). That'll probably be the end of August/early September.

So I'm sporting a giant ring with 7 garnets in it in a honeycomb shape. I'll post pics when I bother to take them but for now you'll have to use your imaginations. I'm busy working on my creepy crawlers class and tomorrow I get to spend the day doing final grades for my kiddos. Friday was the last day of school and I repressed many tears. Simultaneously I had to threaten one kid to stop bugging another kid or I'd shove a sock down his throat, so really it was a day like any other.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have been down in the dumps lately. I'm in the midst of what should be a very happy time in my life and I'm stressed beyond belief by health crises, job searching and No One Buying My Da*n House. I feel guilty being in this state because my pals are struggling with serious baby scares but dang, enough with the badness in my life already.

I have applied for probably 10 or more jobs. The ONLY ones I've heard back from were one which said, obtw this has been filled already and one that said, let's talk in June and the last that said they don't have anything open but send over your resume in case something comes up. This is discouraging.

Luckily the PIG is keeping my spirits up with footrubs and food and general sweetness. If he could find me a job, he would. Hell, if he could make it so I didn't have to work, he would.

So that's why I am still not posting much, because every time I do I feel like all I write is one giant complaint and I'd rather be talking about daisies and how great my hair looks on humid days but it's tough. I do find it heartening that a plus size model finally won ANTM. Haha we are taking over your closets and your magazines!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

living in the world

Home from camp! We took our kids to camp for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We spent the majority of that time outside, and sleeping happened in our very breezy cabins. I love being outside, especially in this dream time of perfect, bug-free weather. I want so much to find a new job that puts me outside for a large portion of the day and I wish I had the luxury of waiting around for that job. It killed me that we spent Thursday evening inside watching a movie and playing board games while outside a fantastic sunset was happening and other groups were out playing freeze tag and some game with flashlights.

I hope that job will come along soon.