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in the hoosegow

Saturday, June 28, 2008

heat wave

The only time H-town in the summer really sux is when your AC breaks down. This has now happened twice...and it is only the end of June. The first time around, it turned out to be a power problem, so no fixing needed. This time, we're thinking we need a recharging of freon. However, we discovered the problem on Friday night, so we're hoping that the AC dude really can make it over here in the next hour, because I've had to turn the AC off completely and it is quickly heating up to the usual 95 degrees.


In other news, my summer program ended yesterday, so I am officially unemployed! I have an interview next week with a principal, so wish me good luck there. My former principal has refused to give me a recommendation and I am...ambivalent. First valve thinks: at least he didn't agree, then write something awful. Second valve thinks: wow, does he really dislike me that much?

I am also tired. Super duper tired. Like, I might make some more coffee and it's 11am tired. (some of that might be the heat...)

That is all I have to share for the moment. Feel free to call for more details.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

who knew

Who knew that planning a wedding and a big reception were so much work? We've got the locations under control. We're refining guest lists and have ordered invitations. I've chosen food but not called the Michigan caterer and am working with the local caterer right now. I have done nothing other than think and look for the flowers. My stepmom sent me the Michigan florist's number to call and I am considering potted plants for here.
I found a cool dress yesterday. It's a long cotton sleeveless dress, yellow with pink and orange and green flowers, very retro.
Meanwhile I am working on my DECATS classes and trying to figure out what all to get for this week's lessons.
No word on any jobs. I am finding it difficult to look and care a whole lot at the moment with so many other things going on, although I diligently check the usual places for possibilities.
Cleaning the house today and getting supplies for the week. I need straws! and tissue paper! and playdo! and something like a slinky! so that we can study bug locomotion.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Animals in desperate need of rescue - Adopt one today!

"We are a shelter that has had to close its doors at the end of May, 2008 due to lack of financial support. We have less than a week to place nearly 100 animals. We are trying to find homes for them before June 15th. Please consider adopting one of our furry friends to help them avoid being euthanized. Browse through our pet catalog and then read about how to adopt one for yourself on our 'How to Help' page."

Email: HappyDogs9@yahoo.com or CountryPawsRescue@gmail.com

The PIG used to help these folks out, so if you were thinking of getting a new dog or kitty friend, now is the time.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

glorious sunday

Today we go to be measured for our wedding outfits. I've chosen to wear a sari while the PIG is going for the simplest guy outfit, which of course I cannot remember the name for. He has informed me that he will NOT be riding in on a horse and I am crushed.

Speaking of horses, we played lots of games at Dave & Buster's last night with friends J & C. One of the games we played was a horse racing game where you bred a horse, trained him and then raced him against the other folks at other monitors. It was very weird, though. C and I had no luck getting our horse to go fast enough to place in any race and we tried two different breedings, different foods and two types of training (can you tell we are both scientists?). J and the PIG had no problem whipping their horse to the finish line... The most fun was doubles air hockey and skeeball. We tried every combination of players for air hockey and each time I was part of the winning pair. However, only once was I a part of the winning team for fussball. That game is hard and we won only because J cheated and held onto our opponents' player rods.

My summer program orientation/training began yesterday. I had forgotten how good it felt to go to a place where I am accepted, loved and welcomed. I had forgotten how fun it can be to talk with others who are like me in a particular way (teaching philosophies). I had forgotten how much fun work is when you're doing it with fun people.

On that bright note, ciao for now.